Rethinking Capitalism

There are only a few people whose writing and ideas have the ability to shift the way entire sectors fundamentally operate. Michael Porter is one of those folks. His thoughts on strategy permeate organizations; you’ve likely experienced the effects of his work, even if you don’t know his name. He’s the guy behind the “value chain“, there’s probably not a business leader alive who hasn’t read What is Strategy, and my b-school brethren couldn’t forget the Five Forces Analysis if we tried.

Well, Michael Porter just dropped another bomb with his cover article in the newest issue of HBR. The idea, Creating Shared Value, is a 13-page indictment of capitalism’s latest incarnation and a convincing call to action. He argues, quite effectively, that it’s time for a redefinition of the corporation and a reinvention of capitalism.

Not sure if this idea will have that “Porter-impact” and staying power as his previous ones. Time will tell. Meanwhile, you can find the full article online here, or get a sampling from the video below.

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