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Building a ‘Startup Culture’ in Schools

*Cross posted from edSurge and was included in their guide, All Aboard the Connected Classroom. For most, start-ups and school districts couldn’t be more different. One is constantly changing, trying new things. The other is stuck in time, mandating a one-size-fits-all solution for unique situations. In the Albemarle County School District, we see things a bit […]

StartupEDU: High School of the Future

Had a great time helping organize and facilitate a StartupWeekend-inspired event to develop a concept for the “High School of the Future” as part of the Governor’s STEM Summit.  The winning pitch received a development grant to further flesh out the plan.    

The Maker Mindset

*Cross posted from’s blog and co-authored by Pam Moran. A few weeks ago, some of our young people reminded us that “making” is a mindset that can occur any time, any place. During a snow day, a group of kids were co-opted by a local teenage video “maker” into creating and publishing a fabulous […]

Are We Preparing Developers or Producers?

In many cases, companies that are based in the US can’t survive on the global market because they don’t have innovative products or the qualified workforce required to develop them. -Rolf Langhammer, German Economist The above quote is noteworthy for two reasons: First, the workforce diss wasn’t uttered in the same tired “ed reform” rhetoric […]

My One Wish: To Be Superman

To Delvin, Tyre, Nick, Josh, Lynwood and Anthony, Chad, Anthony E., Cornett, Jason and Tasha, Steven and Dominique, Shavon, and those whose names are unreleased: I think of you guys often. Each of you were in one of my classes, on one of my teams, or in one of my programs at some point during the near decade I worked in […]

Teacher Salaries as a Percentage of GDP

From the new McKinsey report, Closing the Talent Gap: Attracting and retaining top-third graduates to careers in teaching, the chart below shows the change in U.S. teacher salaries as a percent of GDP per capita since 1970, and then benchmarked against other professions using 2008 data: McKinsey identifies South Korea, Finland, and Singapore as the […]